DIY Carpet Cleaning

Is Carpet Cleaning Something I Can Do

DIY Carpet cleaning is something you can do yourself. Many high street retailers will offer a carpet cleaner higher service. You can rent the machine either for a day or week. Some may even hire per hour. They will often supply the cleaning chemicals at an additional cost so you can get everything in one place. Simply pick the machine up and drop it of when you are done. You can buy the chemicals separately online. For the best cleaning products, prices and deals see

#Tip – Remember to clean the machine before you take it back or you may incur a surcharge

If your carpets are in relatively good condition and you just want to give them a freshen up. This may be the way to go. You can pick up the carpet cleaning equipment at a time that is best for you. If you are hiring for a week or more. You can do the cleaning at your own pace.

#Tip – The hire company will often offer a discount depending on the length of your hire. So check out their rate. Remember to get the machine back on time or you may incur a penalty.

See “how do I clean carpets?” for the best way to clean. It will give you step by step instructions to get the best results from DIY carpet cleaning. If you carpets are heavily soiled. Or you have some stubborn stains then you may need to call the professionals in. Our carpet cleaning for Norwich service will professionally clean you carpets deep down to remove those stubborn stains and odours.

Is it worth getting carpets cleaned?

The short answer to this is yes. DIY carpet cleaning is cheaper than replacing then. Replacing your carpet can cause significant upheaval. The environmental impact is also less. Old carpet often cannot be recycled and go to land fill. As we are all trying to do our bit. Unless so you undergoing major redecoration or they are just beyond cleaning. We would always look to have the carpets cleaned as apposed to replacing them.

#Tip – See for yourself. Many companies for both cleaning and replacing will of free quotes. So ring round. It cost nothing to find out. A good carpet cleaning that covers Norwich will always give you a free quote either in person or over the phone.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Carpet cleaning prices can and will vary. The range in the difference can be staggering. Some companies will charge by the hour. Others will charge by the room. Some carpet cleaning companies will ask for the size of the area that need cleaning. So how do you know what is a good price? The old saying is that if it sounds to good to be true. It probably is. Most people will start by searching online carpet cleaning for Norwich. This will show the companies that are either local to you or cover your area. But don’t just rely on this. Ask around. Word of mouth is often the best form of recommendation. So speak to friends and family or ask on social media.

Should I have my rugs cleaned?

Rugs can hold sentimental value. Unlike a carpet. People will often keep a rug for many years. Some will pass then down from one generation to the next. So for some people rugs can hold precious memories. They will want to keep them clean to prolong the life of the rug. From a practical point of view. Rugs can be moved from one room to the next when ever you feel like it. Making them extremely useful. Although easier to recycle than carpets. It can still be difficult. If they are not used by someone else then most likely they will go to the dreaded landfill. As well as our carpet cleaning service most carpet cleaning companies will also offer rug cleaning. This will clean and freshen your rug. Bringing your rugs back to life and keeping does precious memories.

Commercial carpet cleaning

In the commercial arena carpets will get heavy usage. As well as employees, commercial carpets will also get traffic from customers and visitors. So they need to be kept clean. Not only to make sure they look good and smell fresh for visitors and customers. But also for the health of those working in the environment. A good commercial carpet cleaning company will be able to work around your business. Cleaning your carpets to the standard you would expect. This is especially important if you are moving commercial premises. Most agents and landlords will require this as part of an end of tenancy cleaning process

Is it easy to have my upholstery cleaned?

Family life can be hectic. Everyone is busy and at the end of a crazy day. Most people want to sit down and relax. But not a dirty chair or sofa. After all the spilt drinks, dropped food and once the pets have finished sleeping. Is is best to have your upholstery cleaned or simply replaced? Well made can last for years. There are lots of alternatives to throwing away furniture that has dirty upholstery. You can recycle by either giving the furniture away or selling it. There are plenty of people that are happy to buy from you. If you are giving it away some charity organisations will pick the furniture up for free. Carpet cleaning for Norwich can also provide an upholstery cleaning service. Another great company for carpet cleaning Norwich is Norwich carpet cleaning services.

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