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Spray Mop, Aiglam Floor Mop for Floor & Window


All-in-One Cleaning Solution Looking for a versatile cleaning tool?

  • 【All-in-One Cleaning Solution】Looking for a versatile cleaning tool? The microfiber spray mop certainly tick the box. It can be used as a floor mop which works on all smooth floor types including hardwood, marble, laminate, vinyl, tile, ceramic and etc, or as a window spray mop to clean the windows, walls, ceilings and furniture.
  • 【360 Degree Swivel Head】The spray mop is specially designed with a brilliant swiveling head that is easy to maneuver and can get into all tricky corners with no trouble. And the floor mop microfiber pad leaves the floor and window clean and dry in a few seconds. With such a handy tool, you can get the cleaning job done quickly and effortlessly.
  • 【Machine Washable Pads】Are you going to use a more eco-friendly floor cleaner? Look no further. The spray mop microfibre pads are reusable and hold up for 100 washes in the machine. You just throw the pad in the sink or washing machine when it is dirty. The floor mop saves not only a lot of disposable floor wipes but also so much time and effort!
  • 【Customize Your Clean】AIGLAM Spray Mop features a 300ml refillable bottle, allowing you to clean your house your way. You can fill the spray bottle with water, detergent, fragrance oil or whatever solution you like, and have your chosen lovely fresh smell in the house. Simply press the trigger of spray mop to spray a fine mist over the path of the mop.
  • 【What You Get】The spray mop kit includes 1 Trigger Handle, 1 Middle Handle, 1 Lower Handle, 1 Base Plate, 1 Refillable Bottle, 1 Dirt Removal Scrub Brush, 2 Floor Cleaning Pads, 1 Window Cleaning Brush and 2 Window Cleaning Pads, which takes you seconds to assemble and minutes to mop your floors and windows. No heavy mop bucket needed!


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