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Moolan Powerful Non-Chemical Hot Multi functional Steam Mop


Moolan 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Multifunctional Steam Mops Carpet Floor Cleaning Machines Including 12 Accessories Floor Mop Steam Cleaners

  • 212F hot steam clean up to 99.9% percent of dirties. For the best results, use distilled water in your steam mop if you live in an area with hard water.
  • 180-Degrees-Triangel-Head design, easy to maneuver and reach every corner. Convenient to install and storage.
  • 6-in-1 multifunction design for every area: kitchen, living rooms, toilet etc. Suitable for different surface including tile, wood, vinyl and laminate.
  • Prominent Design – Moolan steam floor cleaner has a large water tank which is 450ml , for long run time, it’s removeable, the water can be loaded easily. 1500W heater can provide hot steam in 15~30 seconds. Small triangular heads are an ideal option if you have nooks and crannies you need to clean, such as around a toilet, under the sofa or the corners of other furniture.
  • Accessories Included: 1* microfilber pad,1* slip ring, 1* extension hose, 1* mop head screw, 1* straight nozzle, 1* meansuring cup, 1* funel, 1* rubber, 1*round brush, 1* copper brush, 1* angled nozzle, 1* long brush, 1* brush frame. If you feel like unable to hook handle into the base, please free to contact us: www.msmoolan.com, we can help you resolve the problem.


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